Local network sync only


How to ensure local network sync only? I have 1x home server running ubuntu server and 1x desktop and a laptop both windows. Both windows pcs are syncing mainly to the Server and the Server. I have given all 3 machines a static ip and put it in syncthing like tcp://ip:22000 and I also opened that port on all the machines firewalls as well as the Port 21027. I disabled global discovery and relays. What I notice is that syncthing only displays the local IP if I look at the device list, strangely the port of those machines is sometimes changing from the specified 22000 to something totally else, is that normal? My main thing is, is my setup correct for local network syncing only?

Thank you

As you have already put the IPs in the device configs, you don’t need local discovery and no port 22027.

The different port is because thats where the connection came from. 22000 is for listening. If A connects to B, it will not use 22000 for that outgoing connection, but another random port. That’s why sou see another port for A in the WebUI of B.

Ah, thank you, that helps to better understand it. Great!

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