“Local Additions” Windows OS

Windows OS SRV 2016; 1.4.2 Software Send only -> received only. After full sync , on received side 70 out of 350 became local change, just folders no any files.

received side: Permissions - ignore. after some time, Send side: Permissions - ignore. Re-scanning triggered, and couple hundreds files stuck out of sync on sending side, never able to resync.

Where is my mistake, and how to avoid it in future, would it be possible to adjust the code\behaviour, so non Linux will be more friendly in such behaviour?

You haven’t provided any error messages, screenshots, or even versions, so I am not sure there is any way we can help you.

Ok …

here is source:




and sync:


that sync stuck forever with 600+ files, despite source and dest equal. an items from a source folders like this: 8587\2019\06\085872019060113273014000043.jpg 167 KiB 2019-06-12 14:14:06 ASISId28

What version are you on?

sync snapshot indicated v1.4.2

Sounds like an unhealthy database. You could shut syncthing down on both sides, run syncthing -reset-deltas and start it back up again.

@imsodin it seems it still happening.

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ok, thanks, will do.

so i need to shutdown appl completely, then execute command ? reset delta on both side, or sending only ?

Complete shutdown, both sides.

i’m restarted with -reset-deltas key, on both sides, and after everything settle, picture are the same …

Now i see an actual discrepancy:

ACTUAL SOURCE: 195,812 Files, 387 Folders

ACTUAL DEST: 195,174 Files 387 Folders

INDICATED BY SYNC ON SOURCE and DEST SIDE: 195,174 Files 387 Folders

638 items out of sync; From this file list,it does exist on source, doesn’t exist on destination, despite equal amount of files shows on tab, !Consider it incorrect amount.

Re-scan button doesn’t change anything on source.

You might have to remove the folder, restart syncthing and readd it on both sides sadly. Seems the database is not in a healthy state.

that what i thought …

So, it works …

With one problem: “Local Additions” - now it shows, indicating 27 folders are changing locally. Only folders, not files.

This is 100% percent repeatable error. I stepped on it many times. When creating a new replication with existing data on both ends, and replication defined as: Send only -> Received Only. After all synchronization, Files are ok, and on receiving side, local changes appears with folder only.

Can it be correcting by ignoring folder, metadata? (I’m guessing …)

I enabled “Ignore Permissions Yes” on sending side, it not helping, I have 3 share folders with this state, due to 1M files per folder, I can do nothing with Local folder changing.

hmm… randomly pressing buttons seems cure it smile:

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