Listening on old IP

I have made a huge change to my home network, and the OS has pulled a NEW IP from my router. How ever, syncthing tries to start and fails because its still listening on the OLD IP that no longer exists on my router AT ALL. Any ideas how to change that?

Ubuntu 20 Server is what I am running FYI

It’s in the config, which is usually in ~/.config/syncthing/

So, I got back in by temporarily adding that address to its VLAN. My issue now is, I changed it to just :8384, but it says something about its being overriden and changes will not take affect because of that.

Also worth noting, it was never set static, it was set to, so IMO it should have never stayed bound to that old IP.

My GUI listen address is: which works fine (I would not expect “:8384” to work).

Please also check the connections tab (settings area) to ensure you have not manually bound syncthing to the old IP that way.

Finally, the error message indicates a specific issue – whatever launches syncthing on your ubuntu is passing startup options (which probably include the old IP), which are overriding the GUI. I would resolve that first.

:8384 is equivalent to and means listen on all addresses.

However, this is the GUI listening address. You can apparently access the GUI, so that seems to be working as it should.

There’s also the sync port listening address which may have been changed. It should usually be set to default.

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