List of possible values for folder state

Trying to use the /rest/db/status API to periodically check for folder errors or out-of-sync conditions. Can someone give me (or point me to a documentation link that provides) a complete list of all the possible values for folder state?

Thanks @gadget. I knew it would be in the source code, but didn’t know where to look.

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

A few months ago I needed to set up automated monitoring of a few Syncthing nodes at work, so I’d spent a little time looking over the source code.

BTW, I noticed that if sync is Paused, then ‘state’ is reported as a null (empty) string – at least that’s true for v1.12.1-ds1 for Linux ARM, which appears to be the most current version available for that platform at the time of this writing (Aug '23).

Yup, still the same behavior for 1.23.x.

I think a paused folder doesn’t update the database. Using /rest/events is a better approach if the goal is to get the folder state.

Yeah, a paused folder effectively doesn’t exist from the point of view of a bunch of things, this being one of them.

We publish current Debian packages at but Debian, whose package you are using, follow their own schedule.

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