List of changes made on synced device without propagating changes?


I’ve set up Syncthing as a way to synchronize my music from my computer to my phone. It is set to receive only, and sometimes I want to delete a song off my phone. I don’t want to use the send & receive mode in case of a potential data loss, so is it possible to find out what changes have been made to the files on a synced device, so I can replicate them manually on another?

Sorry if this is a little confusing to understand. Thank you for the help!

If you set the other side to send-only instead, that side can see what files are “out of sync” due to having been changed/deleted on the other side.

Or, maybe, with the other side as receive-only its out of sync files would show up when looking on the remote side out of sync? I.e., on the right side of the UI on the other side…

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