Linux Permissions Issue

I am currently running a cluster with 3 Windows PCs an Ubuntu server running file versioning.

When one of the Windows nodes deletes/updates a file, the Ubuntu server tries to move it’s copy of the file to .stversions; however, it is getting a permissions error for some files. I’ve copied one of the messages below for reference.

I’ve verified that the user account that is running Syncthing has rw access to the original folder, as well as the .stversions folder. Is this a bug, or am I perhaps missing something with my permissions?

rename /media/storageDrive/Backups/Diana/Desktop/Current pics/.picasa.ini /media/storageDrive/Backups/Diana/.stversions/Desktop/Current pics/.picasa.ini: permission denied

After some tinkering, I was able to fix the issue. As expected, it was a linux permissions issue. When my “My” folders synced over from Windows (My Music, etc.), the directories did not have write permissions, so I ensured my user had rwx access to all directories in the Syncthing directory. Just an informational in case anyone else runs into this!


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