Linux Mint: Crashing/black screen when syncthing...

(Brian Cometa) #1

I’m new to Linux but have Syncthing running on about 15-20 Pcs and Macs. I’ve got it installed on Linux and about 50% synced, but now the computer keeps crashing (black screen which needs necessitates full computer restart) during the sync process. Perhaps there is a corrupt file it’s trying to sync that the other machines don’t have a problem syncthing? I’m not sure how to track down the problem as I don’t know where Linux logs are located. Can anyone help me track down the issue? Thanks, Brian

(Jakob Borg) #2

You most likely have a hardware failure and should troubleshoot this like any other unrelated to Syncthing.

(Brian Cometa) #3

It happened when I tried using Elementary Linux also, on a different hard drive. Both hard drives were 100% wiped before installing. The computer runs Windows with Syncthing without issue (and has for years).

(Jakob Borg) #4

What you are saying is that when you run Linux on this computer, and stress it a bit with some I/O and CPU, Linux crashes. Syncthing has no functionality to cause black screen and operating system crashes, so this is an operating system or hardware issue.

(Brian Cometa) #5

Got it, thank you Jakob!

(Brian Cometa) #6

Looks like problem ended up being a bad power supply. Replaced and then sync finished with no problems. Thanks again!

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