Linux Mint: Access to Syncthing menu (only: Settings, show id, Logs) not possible

I installed Syncthing 1.25 in latest Linux Mint, but I cannot access all of the menu entries in Firefox. These 3 give no response:

Settings show id Logs

I tried this, but without success:

sudo chmod 777 syncthing/

The logfile gives no error messages.

Is there an easy installation guide available?

What can do to get this great piece of software perfect running?

Can you check whether the same thing happens in a different browser?

It works, thank you very much for this workaround.

In Firefox private mode, it works, too.

It will be some of your plugins.

Yes, the plugin “Cookie banner blocker” was the bad guy.


one can read

“This repository has been archived by the owner on May 16, 2023. It is now read-only.”

So I cannot open an issue. I deleted it.

If you’re using uBlock Origin, you can opt-in to use some of the Annoyances filter lists. These also cover cookie notices.

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