[Linux] Is there way to view recently shared files in a log or somewhere else?

Recently i shared around 200 files from one ubuntu device(1) to another ubuntu device(2) through syncthing (local) then once finished, i deleted 1st device already shared files unfortunately it had erased from 2nd device (due sync), i was late when noticed it.

Both devices sharing folders kept on OS installed partition however i tried to recover using “testdisk” file recovery utility but i was only able to recovered folder names; i couldn’t recover files or atleast file names contained in that folders

So i am asking, does syncthing log past shared files names somewhere on devices log files or else?

Ubuntu 20.04.02 Syncthing v1.13.1, Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD)

No, unless you have audit flag enabled, which is off by default. It keeps last 100 changes in memory, but if the process is gone, then its gone. If you have the database around, you can probably extract something from that, but there isn’t a trivial way to get that information out.

Sorry, i did not understand this part. Did you mean if i have my own created database about details of that file names? no, i don’t have; it’s quite difficult task due amount of files in each disks and move to different local storages depend on usages but if has linux based less resource consume (lightweight) automated tool with modern interface that capable to log contain, move, delete files in disks, ofcourse i am able to use it and useful at such bad times

I am talking about syncthings database.

I am talking about syncthings database.

Got it. :man_facepalming: :kissing_heart: .config/syncthing/index-v0.14.0.db/ is it?

but how to open and read .ldb files manually to extract data? i mean eg: file names

There isn’t a trivial way. You’ll probably have to write some code, or download additional tools.

Thank you for explanation :blush:

If you can then suggest me suitable tools, it’ll be helpful me alot; as you said it looks like difficult, next i will invest more time and continue myself

You can probably download stindex from Syncthing / Tools > #655-v1.7.0-rc.1-5-gfdf5a5c0 (14 Jun 20 18:19) > Artifacts — TeamCity and see if the dump command produces anything useful. Otherwise, you could write a small go program that opens syncthings databse, and uses goleveldb to walk the key space.

Thank you

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