Linux ARM package stuck on 0.12.11 (Raspbian)

I just noticed the Syncthing release channel is no longer delivering updates to my Pi running Raspbian. This channel worked until recently; my GUI says I’m on 0.12.11, and no updates are available via apt-get although I see on the ST site that the binary has been updated to 0.12.15

To clarify, the entry on my sources.list is:

deb syncthing release

My mistake - Syncthing was indeed updated, but needed to be restarted.

I was under the impression that upgrading always triggered a restart… are there any plans to add this?

When it self upgrades it does restart. When apt upgrades, we have no clue that we should restart.

What do you mean by “self-upgrades”? When it upgrades from the GUI?

The apt based releases do not update themselves and rely on apt to do the updating. The releases on github/landing page update themselves, since they are not provided by the package manager.

We could throw a pkill -HUP syncthing into a post-install script, possibly.

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@calmh that would be great. I’m having students deploy Syncthing on Raspberry Pis as a kind of “set it and forget it” sync solution, so the less steps it takes to keep ST continually running and always-upgraded the better.

Project at:

Also, it would be nice to have the GUI in the apt version display a notification when there’s an upgrade available, and maybe run an apt-get upgrade when it’s clicked.

Is there any precedence for that? Any other commonly used program that does that?

We now restart on upgrade.

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Thank you!

Bittorrent Sync does. a “new version available” message appears in the upper right notification area of the web GUI and there’s an option in preferences, “Always check for updates to this version”

When installed through a Debian package?

IIRC i was using the Linux gui version available from Leo Moll’s (now unmaintained) btsync packaging project.

The notification appeared when I opened the instance in the web GUI, because the binary provided by the repo has been out of date for some time now. But yeah now that I think about it, clicking on that just linked you to the btsync download page, not triggered an apt-get upgrade.

Anyway, not sure if this is feasible but just a thought

I’m just pointing it out because we do both the notification and auto upgrade if you’re running the github releases. When using a package manager we expect the package manager to take care of this, though.

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You could add to the daily cron Apt-get install -y synching

This could be an issue if there is a protocol change you aren’t ready for though.

Oops better make that apt-get update && apt-get install -y syncthing

No, please don’t. apt is responsible for that and one could e.g. configure email notifications from apt. I don’t want a Web-GUI which is able to execute shell commands on my server.

Also, I don’t want a GUI which spams me with out of date notifications. On Linux/BSD we have these very nice and shiny package managers which do already the whole work for us. If somebody wants to be notified, there are better, global solutions for that. :slight_smile:

edit: Sry jakob, I clicked the wrong button and you were notified by accident. :see_no_evil:


Indeed, that would require me to trust the Syncthing GUI with root privileges.

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@calmh I just installed the latest debian package and the pkill command you added is using an invalid option ‘H’

Hi @lawfulintercept. It has to do with the version of your pkill, Out of interest are you on Jessie?

A fix has been merged. #2728