Linking devices in a mess

What is the recommended way of sharing multiple files on multiple devices?

For example if I have three devices A,B,C

Should I share the folder from A to both B & C. With A being sort of the server or controller for the files.
A -> B,
A -> C

Or, should I link them all with each other. Like -
A -> B & C,
B -> A & C,
C -> A & B

Is the second method supported? is it likely to cause problems?

Yes, its supported. There is overhead (db size) for each device you share with.

Each use case is different, but for 3 devices that are intermittently powered off it would make sense to link all 3 to each other.

Yes that is the exact use case here. I have a desktop and couple of laptops and two phones. Five devices. With dropbox there was an always on server so wasn’t a problem.

So just checking if syncthing is smart enough to handle this scenario. Thanks

Will the phones use internal or sdcard storage?

It will handle the scenario acceptably for most use cases. The more overlap in “on” periods between individual devices the better. If most of the devices are rarely on simultaneously then you might have problems. I can’t really know how much overlap you’ll have so it’s probably best to try it.

And make backups first so that you’re not disappointed if something goes wrong. It’s unlikely that anything will go wrong (and conflict files will probably be created if something does), but backing up is ALWAYS best practice.

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