Link to GUI in Remote Devices info items?

I did a brief search and didn’t find this request… Don’t hesitate to delete or lock if it’s been already discussed.

In the accordion list of Remote Devices info items within the web GUI, I see this:

  • Device name
  • Download Rate
  • Upload Rate
  • Address
  • Version
  • Folders

My suggestion would be to add to the list an HTTP link to the web GUI in case it is active and listening to something other than the loopback; I use a few instances of syncthing on some machines, so the link would take care of the custom port I have use for each instance, too.

Syncthing rules. Thanks for reading.

I’m not sure how Syncthing would know that a remove device’s GUI was accessible, other than try to connect to it on some common ports…?

Oh. I assumed this kind of config info was available through the API. Nevermind, then.

EDIT: Unless you mean unfiltered. I had LAN usage in mind, indeed…