Limiting traffic between specific nodes

I am in a fully routed network where each node knows each other. I have 3 nodes: A, B and C.

Link A <-> B is fast and free

Link A <-> C is fast and free

Link C <-> B is slow and expensive

I would like to implement the AllowedNetwork parameter on B and C to allow only connections to/from A.

So on machine B, in device B, I would add A’s CIDR in AllowedNetwork field and on machine C, in device C, I would add A’s CIDR in AllowedNetwork field.

It seems that it is not how I’m supposed to configure AllowedNetwork to limit the use of C <-> B link. Can anyone guide me on this?


Why did you connect B and C, if you don’t want them to connect to each other?

I still want this as a backup solution if needed. As the setup is all done and the nodes know each other, I can just add or remove the AllowedNetworks setting to allow or not the nodes B and C to connect to each other.

Allowed Networks is meant to restrict a connection to a device to a subnet (LAN vs. mobile vs. VPN or something). There is o global allowed networks setting as you want it. If you normally want B and C not to connect to each other but only in some circumstances by manually changing something to let them connect, why not just pause device B on C and/or device C on B?

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Right. Thanks for the tip.

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