limit syncthing access to file one device at a time

how do i Set syncthing for this particular file where only 1 person may access it at a time ?

then , how do i prevent access to that file until it is fully synced

(i’ve run into a problem where one of us is on the first device modifying the contents of an encrypted truecrypt 5gb folder then a conflicted copy is created by syncthing on the other device )

This is no something syncthing can help you with… Why are you syncing the encrypted file? I don’t use truecrypt but is it possible to mount the encrypted folder then share the decrypted mount?

hello, proprietary documents are stored in a truecrypt encrypted folder that is a single file on device #1 .

syncthing is used to sync that single file on device #2 .

2 of us are needing access to that truecrypt file to access those proprietary documents but we must not access the file simultaneously or there will be conflicted copies of the file.

My question is though, Why share the single 5gb file when you can share the individual files reducing the chances of conflicts… Then when there are conflicts the individual files will be much smaller than the 5gb truecrypt file.

Also, the content of a large encrypted file does not lend itself to being syncronized very efficiently. Although neither does compressed word documents or media content.

there are hundreds of proprietary documents that are inside one encrypted truecrypt file . it’s one location for all those documents. imagine it as a safe that holds your birth certificate, social security card, tax documents, etc.

how do you personally safely store and access your proprietary documents ?

I use an ecryptfs mount. All data in ST is encrypted during transit with perfect forward secrecy. I am not suggesting the ST developers are perfect or vulnerabilities are never found but they work very hard to make the software as secure as possible. Truecrypt on the other hand is no longer being developed and the web site even warns uses away from it. L

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