Limit file size for versioning

Hi, is there a way to limit file size for versioned files? For example, I want to use staggered file versioning at 1y except for files that are greater than a predefined max size, which I want to be deleted right away?

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You can use external versioner, which allows you to implement your own command for versioning which can do whatever you want.

True, but it seems like a logical part of the versioning system: would the syncthing designers consider adding support for it?

I don’t think so, because you’ll soon have versioning based on extensions, age etc etc. The external versioner is there for the specific reason of compensating if the inbuilt versioners are not good enough.


Well, I understand your logic but at the same time “size” is a property that every file has, not like other properties. And keeping versions of large files is expensive. Anyway, I hope you guys will reconsider. If not, this is an awesome product even without this.

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