Lightroom setup on Windows

Hi there,

I’ve been looking into getting my Workstation and Laptop in sync. Mainly for my photography projects. I’ve been reading up on several howto’s on the net, and BT Sync seemed nice at first. However due to it’s commercial nature (free only syncs max amount folders/files), and the fact it’s closed sourced, I needed an alternative.

Heard many great things about Syncthing, but as a novice user, the installation and implementation was a bit overwhelming. Gladly Canton7 made it easier with SyncTrayzor.

Installed SyncTrayzor, and I’ve setup both Workstation and Laptop. I’ve created a test folder with testfiles. All is syncing well, and everything seems to work correctly.

Since I’m not someone who does coding on a regular basis, I’m having trouble understanding the ignore settings. For my Lightroom setup to work properly some files and folders need to be ignored. From what I understand this can be established with the .stignore function. But looking at the documentation, I really have no idea how to do it properly, or even where to put the .stignore file. Documentation mentions placement of the file as follows; “The .stignore file must be placed in the root of the repository”. Sorry, but I really don’t know where that is on a Windows machine.

As for the ignore patterns, they are very confusing for a novice user without coding background such as myself. These are the Lightroom files and folders that I need to exclude from syncing: CatalogName Previews.lrdata CatalogName Smart Previews.lrdata CatalogName.lrcat.lock CatalogName.lrcat-journal

I’m wondering why the ignore function isn’t implemented in the GUI, that would make it a whole lot more easy.

I would appreciate some help and guidance with implementing the ignore patterns properly.

Anyway, keep up the excellent work!

If you open up the web gui, click ‘Edit’ next to one of your folders, there’s an ‘Ignore Patterns’ button down at the bottom. Click that, and you get a window where you can enter your ignore patterns.

Thanks Canton7! That’s a really fast reply :smile: Found the button. I will examine the ignore patterns to see if it makes any sense to me, and will try to test them.