Latest v1.5.0, next v1.6.0 | major release?

Such steps always seem to be the major steps, for which maybe you have some plans and others. Sometimes it’s good to know about it, let’s think about the recent database upgrade.

What is the reason for this step, different structure, GUI, database?

For 1.5, the location changes mentioned in the release notes and a couple of new config settings for LDAP.

this is the case for the version that is released.

But whats about v1.6.0, are there any plans and features that should be implemented? It is another matter if the implementations are all reached.

You can look at the milestone, where the release notes mention two new config options. Further changes may happen before release, but that’s enough as-is to trigger a new minor.

The versioning policy is basically: If config/api/db schema changes, that’s a minor bump, otherwise it’s a patch bump. There’s no set plans or schedules for the next minor release.

Might be worth mentioning in the docs somewhere (I utter that sentence way too often compared to what’s actually getting into docs xD ).

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But yeah, what imsodin says. The changes go in as they happen. The nature of the changes determine the next version number.

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