Last seen is old but devices online

I’m using the API to retrieve the “last seen” for all of my connected devices so I can automate a warning if they haven’t been seen for ‘a while’. However, some haven’t been seen for (say) 24 hours despite being available on the same network and the connection showing up as “TCP LAN”. Am I misunderstanding how it works?

For example the API is returning the details below, which is nearly 3 days ago:


I was assuming that lastSeen would be the last time the servers connected, even if there were no changes at either end.

It appears this is only updated when the device connects. It certainly used to be updated more frequently (sometimes to the complaints of users who wanted their disks to spin down), and I’m not sure when this changed.

Woohoo - I was worried I wouldn’t be able to have confidence the servers were still connected without resorting to some hack to create dummy files to be synced and check for their existence. Looking forward to testing it out - although this syncthing server is on a non-Intel Synology NAS, so I’m not sure that gets updated quickly.

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