Last Seen Date for Device Incorrect


I saw something worrying (for the paranoid). I decommissioned one of my machines, wiped it clean, formatted the disk, and passed it on to someone else. I hadn’t gotten around to removing it from my Syncthing network yet though.

A few days ago I was doing some admin in the Syncthing web interface on one of my machines, and saw an impossible “Last seen” date for the decommissioned machine; one that was two months after I had wiped it. I checked on one of my other machines, and that had nearly the same “last seen” date for it, just one day earlier.

Is it possible that the last seen date is just wrong, or does it mean for certain that the machine I was on had indeed made contact last on that date?

Cheers, A

I haven’t checked the code but as far as I remember, last seen is only set when a connection from a device with that device id is going through keepalives. Perhaps you cloned os image or something and have a second device with the same device id?

Eek, no :confused:

Oh my gosh I’m such a dope.

The ID is actually valid, and is from another machine I own. I mistook the name for the machine I wiped.

I have too many machines :stuck_out_tongue:

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