Languages disappeared and 2 documentation links

Has anyone else lost a lot of the language listings in 0.11.7?


There is also now 2 links to the Documentation, one in the header and one in the footer. Are both really required?

The links are subtly different. Perhaps the one in the footer isn’t necessary, but it doesn’t hurt and it’s there for completeness.

Languages are un-included when they fall below a certain completion threshold; 75% if I remember correctly (on the phone currently). Possibly a number of them haven’t been maintained for a while and the two new words added in the last release pushed them below the edge…

Apparently there’s a bug with the languages, so that’ll get sorted.

Some stuff weren’t super happy about the @ in ca@valencia, resulting in languages with less than 95% completion (the initial inclusion threshold) being dropped.

Korean (한국어) never made it into the language options and it is above 95%.

Ah, I see it is included now. I will wait for the next release. :smile: