Kill syncthing on logout


I’m running Gnome on Fedora, and I autostart syncthing on login by placing the following desktop file in ~/.config/autostart.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Background Syncthing Node
Exec=syncthing --no-browser

This works fine, but when I logout, syncthing stays running in the background. Is there a way to make syncthing more “attached” to my graphical session so that when the session dies, so does syncthing?

I only care about this because my /home is provide via NFS. This means that when syncthing stays running on some workstation, I can’t launch it on any other workstation.

Maybe you can launch it via systemd somehow. I hear systemd likes killing things on logout.

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A systemd user service should do this. There’s an article on how to set it up in the docs.

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