It worked here, but doesn't work there

I built three Pi Model 2 configurations, each with a USB hard drive partitioned into two, and running SAMBA and syncthing. The set-up is such that each site has a partition to use as a server, of which a copy is maintained off-site.

I built and tested them on my local network, using fixed IP addresses for simplicity when running rsh to modify config files. It eventually worked a treat! Let us call the three systems A, B & C.

I had no chance to perform local off-site tests, so took a long gamble and shipped B to its owner, where it works a treat, and was checkable by viewing the syncthing web page at both ends, as B’s server partition is backed-up onto A, which remained here.

Encouraged by this, I posted C off to its owner. No luck: he has altered the default allocation of IP addresses; I failed to foresee this one, and had not reverted the IP address management to dhcp. I was just lucky with B.

I talked the new owner - a good friend, fortunately! - through adjusting the config to suit. SAMBA now works a treat.

However, syncthing, whilst running there, does not show up in a browser window there, neither does it show any sign of activity here, which is where C’s partition would be backed-up.

I am at a loss to understand this, and can presently see no alternative but to visit him and see if I can characterise the problem on site. It is time we socialised, but I’d be glad of things to check for when I get there!

Any ideas, please, good people?

And thank you for reading this rather long story!


P.S. I know what will happen - the minute I post this, the answer will appear in my head! Maybe…

So I don’t fully understand the issue. Is it devices connecting or is it only the GUI which is not accessible?

Thanks for responding.

As far as I can tell there is no evidence whatever that syncthing is working other than the fact that it appears as a running service.

The local web browser there cannot connect, and the remote device here reports ‘Disconnected’.

I am beginning to wonder whether some local gateway/router settings are preventing syncthing from accessing (say)

All ideas and diagnostic tests welcome!

Many thanks,


I’d check the logs of syncthing which it logs to the console, it will tell you which port the UI is running on.

Good thought. It presently runs as a service, so I shall have to find the logs!

Thank you,


Apologies for delay. The remote diagnosis has a rather long loop delay time!

Two points I would seek help with, please. I am using systemd with a script found at amended to use user pi.

  1. I have tried to find logs, as advised, and failed dismally. All hints welcome!

  2. I have diagnosed that the problem lies with syncthing not being started by the etc/init.d script, or some matter associated with it. I have checked permissions, but am happy to be found wanting. If the user manually runs sudo service syncthing start then all works happily.

Many thanks for all help,


It would appear that I omitted to run update_rc.d on this one configuration. How it passed my soak testing at home, I am ashamed to say I do not know.

It is now restarting happily.

Many thanks for all help.


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