Issue with Out Of Sync items Source: Win-10, Dest: Debian 11

I have Syncthing set up on my new Debian 11 NUC device (i1670-debian) and an old Win-10 desktop (i1670FileServer)

On linux ,Syncthing reports the Music folder as Out Of Sync (Target: i1670-debian, Source: i1670FileServer)

When I click on the Out of Sync items list - I am presented with a pop-up containing no information.

As I am new to Linux and know even less about Syncthing, I am not sure how to go about diagnosing this issue. I have tried scanning the Target folder - but that stops after a second. What I did do finally, was delete the Music folder from the target and do a clean sync again - but that too resulted in an Out Of Sync.

I would like some help to accurately diagnose this issue. Will be grateful for ideas that can help me get closer to the root cause and possibly a fix.

How long did you wait for the “Out Of Sync” pop-up to populate? There are a lot of files and the hardware is probably weak, so it may take a while to even list the files.

Hi @tomasz86 Thanks for your helpful post.

I started the Syncing process about 24 hours ago, on the target device (linux), before I noticed the Out Of Sync. Since you asked about the H/W here are some details if it helps. Source machine H/W

The Source Folder (Music) is on a Windows Storage Space of total capacity 3TB Individual disks are connected on USB3.0 and consist of following drives:

Target machine H/W

Target folder (Music) is on a software RAID 1 array built using the debian installer The RAID 1 array consists of two physical drives SCSI devices B and C.

Since you mention the hardware is probably weak, and that it may take a while to list the files, I thought to take a screenshot of resource usage on both the machines. Here’s the current performance stats with the Windows machine (Source) and Debian machine (destination)

Here’s the result of a ping test between the two machines The network connection between the two machines is on a standard LAN. Result of ping test: C:\Users\joybh>ping i1670-debian.local

Pinging i1670-debian.local [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=64

Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 1ms, Maximum = 1ms, Average = 1ms

As you can see both machines are currently idle and running nothing else. Disk I/O is Zero. Further there’s no network activity within Syncthing (see screenshot in my first post).

I am not sure if the reason for not displaying Out Of Sync list is that hardware is weak. If it were so, then why would both machines be sitting idle? Is there any other information I can supply, to help diagnose root cause of Out of Sync issue on Target device?

Can you post full screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both sides?

I’d say that if there is still nothing in the “Out Of Sync” list after waiting 10+ minutes, then you will probably need to look into the logs. You can view a truncated log in the Web GUI itself, but in order to access full logs, you will need either to a) look at the command line output or b) save the log to a file (which on Windows is saved automatically into the Syncthing config folder (see, and on Linux it can be saved with

@tomasz86 I shutdown syncthing on the Linux (destination) , and started it again using the GNOME desktop environment in the hope that it would resolve the Out Of Sync Status - however that did not help.

I am posting the full screenshots and log files below

  1. Debian Screenshot

  2. Debian Log files : a) I pulled this using the command journalctl -r |grep syncthing > $HOME/i1670-debian-syncthing.log i1670-debian-syncthing.log (1020.1 KB) b) syncthing.log file from $HOME/.config/syncthing/ i1670-debian-syncthing.log (5.8 KB)

  3. Windows Screenshot

  4. Windows Syncthing Log file (from the C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor\logs folder) i1670FieServer-syncthing.log (1.9 KB)

I am not sure if this is suggestive of something , please let me know if you need additional information. Thanks for the help.

Can you check how many directories and files are really in the folder on the disk? It seems that your global state on Debian has simply been doubled, and the “real” state is the local state, hence the two folders are in fact in sync.

Did you start with pre-existing data by any chance? Can you try to remove and re-add the folder on Debian (i.e. remove the folder in Syncthing, pause and unpause the remote device, add the folder again using the “add folder” pop-up)?

@tomasz86 Thanks for your reply. You are right - the Target could be showing double the folders and files - But Why?

Here is an expanded screenshot of the Music folder reported by Windows 10 device(source)

Here is the status from Windows Explorer

Both these are showing 28806 files.

On Debian (Target) - File Explorer reports image And find -type f | wc -l reports 28806 files

When I re-created the Music folder on target, I had first done an rm -rf on the Music folder. Post that I had gone ahead and setup the sharing between source and target.

Based on your suggestion, I have removed the folder, paused, unpaused and added folder again. The devices are both syncing at the moment. Will wait for that to finish and update here. Thanks again.



This is a bug. I’ve encountered a similarly broken global status a few times myself, but I couldn’t reproduce the problem at will yet.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see that at least in your case the problem is gone :slightly_smiling_face:.

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