Is this the right tool for my needs ?


We’re re-thinking the file-syncing mechanism of our product and I would like to know if Syncthing could be the right tool for the job.

Here’s the background : We have about 6000 Windows machines out there, mostly in Europe but also in Asia, and they sync data with our servers through a REST API. They also sync some files to and from the server, but only small files and not very often, and most machines won’t sync any file at all. Right now we use the REST API to manage the file syncing, but it only handles send the new files created on the server or the local machine to it’s counterpart.

We’re after a solution that could handle syncing more operations both ways : modifying, renaming,… and limit the access of each machine to its own folder on the server.

Would that be a feasible use case ?

Thanks for taking some time to read through.

Syncthing is decentralised (every machine can change its configuration and do whatever it wants) and peer to peer, what you described sounds like you want centralised and it’s not really peer to peer.

Sure, you can probably shoehorn it, but it feels you are probably bringing more pain than joy.

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