Is this response JSon's format is right?

hi: i see the document “” , i found the response JSon key “at”'s value isn’t same , “at” : “0001-01-01T00:00:00Z” ,is this format is right ? if this right ,what’s mean ?

Hello @sunylat Json formt is absolutely correct i think you are getting this because you are not parsing it correctly

hello @soniabhishek , this is show on the syncthing’s document , it isn’t i get response JSon !

This time code is probably for devices which have never been connected, and instead of returning null it returns Jan 1st of year 1 which could be the minimum allowed date value.

Yes, this date means “never seen”.

Are you certain? I get this date for devices which haven’t yet been connected to since Syncthing was last started, but which have a valid ‘Last seen’ value in the GUI.

Ok, maybe I am mixing something up, that was my assumption. I’m on the mobile so can’t check right now.

The one in connections might be wrong. You are probably after