Is this possible that sync 2 local folders?

I want to sync a folder with another folder in dropbox, they are both in local computer. How to do it?

You would need to run 2 instances of syncthing, which means double the cpu and ram usage.

Why don’t you just add the Dropbox folder to syncthing and sync it that way?

Actually it’s an idea that came to me earlier.

An universal sync system, it can sync any content, content can be a file, a folder, or a text in a file; location can be a network location, a local folder, or a folder from removable storage. and the other computer can sync from a network location.

Typical use for me are: Sync my firefox profile folder Sync my Visual Studio config folder Sync one of my game’s save data

And addtionally, if the content are not totally identical, for example, I want to sync my bookmark for different browser, but my firefox on pc and my some browser on android have totally different file type or content structure, and we can add a converter, and convert them.

This was my idea, and then I found this syncthing, which already realized some part of it, I think it’s great. But without 2 local location sync, it lacks the key feature.

The design of Syncthing doesn’t lend itself to local directory synchronisation.

Probably because: Why do you want real time synchronisation of local folders? Just use the one folder.

This folder includes databases. You would most likely corrupt it trying to sync with ST.

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