is there an option to stop a scan from running on short outages?

The long version of the title is that at the moment one of the send only ends is having internet issues and i’m having to reboot the router every evening. So the ‘post reboot upload’ speed starts at 20mbps and within 8 hours or so is down to 2.

It’s pulling down a 762Gb image, so you can imagine it takes a long time to rescan, so whilst the scan is being done at ~146Mb/sec, it’s still going to take a long time to check the file.

If I pause the folder before the restart, it still rescans. If I don’t do anything it rescans (as the link was dropped).

Is there any option to not do a rescan / preparing to sync in x minutes of a lost connection? I have Keep Temporaries as 72 hours, but I think that’s for another reason.


Syncthing needs to figure out which blocks in the temp file are correct vs need download. This isn’t kept anywhere other than in memory.

But if a folder is paused, then the blocks won’t change anyway. Could the current state be held for say 60 seconds before being classed as stale and then discarded?

In theory, certainly. In practice, given how it’s done now, not really.

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