Is there a way to know about conflict source?

Hi I have a question:

I have a Out of Sync even though I put the file name in the ignore list, and the list should have synced to all client the fail item list only tell me that file is causing the trouble but it shouldn’t.

and I see the Global State is 1 file more than Local State is because of it, I believe it comes from a un-synced client, but how do I know who is it?

this problem is similar to the thumbs.db because this time it’s a .ini, like I said, I added it to the ignore list, so all my problem is how to find out who hasn’t get the list.

For the nodes to truly forget the file, you have to restart them. If you are tech-savy, you can use the rest API ( to get the version list of a file. The integer with the highest number represents the first 64 bits of the raw device ID.

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Oh, so I have to restart them all…

I’ll do that via the REST API

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