Is the default Android app actively maintained at the moment?

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I think the issue is that to implement TLS 1.2 you need to implement those cipher suites, so the implementations that don’t then also cannot advertise TLS 1.2 compatibility. Which we require, so then the handshake fails.


But Android is officially supporting TLSv1.2 since Android 5.0 (API level 21) []. I understand that on KitKat/4.4 the support for more recent TLS is unoffical and varying between vendors so I see the reason on older Androids. But I don’t understand what the issue with Android 7 is? The market share for Nougat is quite high, that’s what got my attention.

Android and TLS1.2
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I have no idea.

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Lets continue the TLS1.2/https related discussion here:


“Masculine discussion” is as you’ll find a lot of developers here being men, just as is in many places that deal with code, so it’s likely a bit biased. Nevertheless women are of course not expcluded to participate and are welcome any time to contribute. So feel free to drop in.



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I believe the reference is to conversation that’s conducted as though it were battle, where the objective often seems as much to be to support one’s ego or damage the other participant’s as it is to reach a mutual understanding. There is a correlation between men and conducting conversations in such a way, but it’s by no means absolute. It’s well worth making a conscious effort to reduce it, because it’s usually not useful to achieving an objective.


Absolutely! If I’m correct it was Bill Gates who once said “Bash things, not people”. Nevertheless, even if you do so, there are people who have a problem (or even a inability) separating things from their own person and start mixing it up, projecting critics on things, ideas and stuff onto their own person. Or, despite being very high in rank, they have some inferiority complex and try to offset it by attempting to dominate decisions, etc. If then they fail to enforce their opinion they could get really pissed. You’ll even find those kind of humans in the excutive suits of big companies, so this is a sort of a “global problem”. Even Linus Torvalds has the occasional attitude of a very rude (and maybe inapt) tone, scaring off developers and causing a lot of scuffle. See the discussions on the kernel developement of the past months.

Best practice (namely in OSS development) would be to have a fair and respectful discussion of what would be the desired direction in which to stear. By involving many people with different opinions what the users will need should quickly crystalize. Even if the outcome is different from one’s personal preferences this is not contemptuous, even then I added some value to the discussion which aim is the best to target.

But hey, of course this is sort of whichful thinking! People have their weaknesses (me too) and it’s often rather laborious to deal with that and find a compromise that fits most needs.