Is Syncthing Keeping windows Awake?

After installing Syncthing to day the computer (windows 7) won’t go to sleep anymore Could it be Syncthing who is the “sinner”?

Maybe? We don’t call any Windows specific APIs around this though. How does Windows determine idleness? I’d have guessed it was based on actual user interaction with the user interface.

Okay so I guees you have no idea? and it is not a well-known issue? Maybe it is caused by the incremental scanning procedures (60 sec. intervals) in the browser window (maybe I’m really up against better knowledge :wink: ) - I will try to close the syncthing tab - But anyhow - thanks for the reply and thank you for a really good program - No mor sugarsync for me :wink:

Certainly not intentionally no, and I haven’t heard it reported before.

I’m able to “standby” my pc when st is running…

@Eddy2909 do manually tell it to go into standby or does it do it after a certain amount of idle time?

Windows determines if the system is in use by checking user input and resource usage. I don’t remember the exact times etc. but unless you set a flag that the program needs to stay awake for video playback etc. The system checks for user input and if there isn’t any in the last while it check to see if resource usage is below 10% (I think) for a given time period.

Basically synching could be keeping it awake if it is over the resource usage threshold when scanning etc.

I think the usage of low priority threads are not counted.

jap… maybe youre right… manually works… I will test “after idle” tomorrow… :wink:

In an administrator command prompt type:

powercfg -requests
powercfg -lastwake

And check if syncthing is listed anywhere there.

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