Is Syncthing for us?

Hi, I’m a completly newbie Syncthing user. I was searching for something to allow us share tons of files between 800 persons and I was wondering if Syncthing is the application for us.

Is Syncthing for an “home” use or I could use it for sharing 10Gb documents files (and growing) in a public way?

We would need a difference between users with writing permission (a team of 5 or 6 people) and read only (the rest of the people).

Is Syncthing for us?

Thanks in advance.

It depends, but based on “in a public way” I’d say not. Syncthing is about control over who you sync with. And you can only prevent changes by setting your folder as send-only, which won’t work for your inner team which should all be able to change files.

Ok, if I understood correctly, Syncthing is not intended to share files in a P2P way but to synchronize files between several machines. But if you have to register users one by one, is there no way to configure which user has only send permission and another with full access?

No, syncthing is not suitable for public sharing.

…and the other condition? The possibility to distinguish different types of users (send-only and readwrite)?

Not in the sense you’re implying. In Syncthing it is possible to set a particular instance (i.e. a computer) to have send-only, receive-only, or send-receive synchronization strategy on a folder, but it’s the user at that computer who controls that. There’s no way to enforce policy remotely.

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Ok, thanks a lot, you save me a lot of time. By chance you will not know any program in which you can do what I say, right?

Librevault or resiliosync

Thanks, I’ll have a look at them.

As far as I remember development on librevault is unfortunately inactive since some time. And just for reference, it might still meet your needs, resiliosync is closed source.

I think you want a distributed file system. A distributed file system allows you to set permissions on files and directories.