Is possible to create 2 different sync configurations for the same folder?

(André De Santa Cruz) #1

I need to configurate 2 different permissions (done by the ignore list) for different clients, but on the same folder.

I need clients A, B and C to access only few files of the folder and clients D and E to have full access to the folder.

Is this possible to do with Syncthing?


(Jakob Borg) #2

I don’t think so. You can add multiple Syncthing folders for any given on disk directory (with different settings), but the ignore list lives in that directory so it becomes shared.


(Vincent Ardern) #3

I’d also mention that in this hypothetical scenario, your clients could edit their own ignore lists and then access all of the files which may be undesirable.

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(André De Santa Cruz) #4

It is a possible approach. The problem is that I do not trust those clients to have full access to the hosted folder and let them manage the ignore lists.