Is it safe to Install Syncthing like this on Raspian OS?

This is working Install Syncthing on Linux · GitHub But is it safe? I mean: Will I get the “original” syncthing setup file and not a moderated version?

I really dont know what I am doing except from copy and installing :wink:

Bonus questions (but do not let this distract you from the main question :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) Why can i not just download a setup-fil from here I would fell somewhat safer

You can compare it to which is “official” and you will see it is pretty much the same. The further steps are either optional (making web UI publicly available), configuration or outdated (systemd services aren’t missing). As to the difference to just downloading: It’s the general difference between running a standalone binary and installing through your distributions package manager.

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OK thanks

The Official is this echo “deb syncthing stable

The unofficial is this "echo “deb syncthing release

What do I miss?

Also, The unofficial told me to “sudo apt-get install git” You (??) you don’t ?? What is that line for?

… I would have liked to find your link and understanding this could be uses for Raspian/Debian Arm-CPU

PS I have that feeling that I have to take it on my shoulders that I do not (almost) know what “distributions package manager” is :wink:

Again: outdated. When in doubt (that’s neither Syncthing nor software specific): Go with the original source (i.e. stable).

Further down it does something with git, so it needs to install git first. No need to do that though.

Distribution: System you installed (@everyonewhoknowsbetter please don’t kill me for this). Usually those who provide this distribution, also provide a tool (manager, in your case apt-get) to install “curated” software (packages).

Nothing bad will happen if you follow that advice, but i’d rather follow and then Starting Syncthing Automatically — Syncthing v1 documentation and then Firewall Setup — Syncthing v1 documentation if necessary.

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As I understand you, it’s better to follow this method to get Syncthing to start up when Raspberry starts up (like in windows: create a .bat file and put it into the start folder)

The problem is that with my poor Linux skills, I am afraid to say that I do not understand the instructions

I do not know if you can help me here … or if I need to create a new thread? (If you at all have the patience to help me)

No need for a new thread. The more specific instructions for your case are

If the method you linked originally is accurate you can skip point one and use the existing user pi.

I don’t see how these instructions are any less clear than the what you linked, so for further help you’ll have to be more specific as to what doesn’t work.

(I never tried to test the first method (the one I linked to))

I do not know how to make a new user or where I can find existing users. Perhaps, “pi” is always just the default user unless you change the settings

And I don’t know either which load path of the system I’m going to use

less /etc/passwd will give you a list of existing users. Choose one or google how to create a user.

If you install with the procedure from, you can also skip step 2.

I get 30 rows ?? - So I have 30 users on a brand new system? and can I just choose any one ??

I forget to say that I have already install like this:

  • Install the necessary packages:
sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates
curl -s | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb syncthing release" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/syncthing.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install syncthing
sudo apt-get install git
  • Start syncthing once:

(no more)

If I now install after the procedure from, Will I keep my current profile, settings and the Folders that I already have set to sync?

Did I said something Wrong?? :wink:

why not just use the user you are already logged in as? that will also mean the existing configs still apply

I hate to say - But I dont know what user I am logged in as. I just install the Raspbian OS - I got no log-in procedure. Now I just want to install Syncthing the right way - also it could be fine if I could figure it out to start up with OS (when restarting and so on)

You tell me - and I am very thankfully - its best to do the way as described in your link.

Now i ask you (and you know that I have install the syncthing by the way it was described in the link, I showed): If I now install after the procedure from, Will I keep my current profile, settings and the Folders that I already have set to sync?

So to be very clear - I would like to do:

curl -s | sudo apt-key add -

echo “deb syncthing stable” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/syncthing.list

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install syncthing

And then

systemctl enable syncthing@pi.service

systemctl start syncthing@pi.service

First rule of lazy administration: If it isn’t broken, don’t change it. So if it works currently, no need to change anything.

I answered the question about whether the config/settings/whatever are conserved: Yes if you start syncthing as the same user.

As to all the rest of these command, e.g. what your user is (run whoami): That’s just googleable. I am very happy to answer specific questions that you couldn’t find an answer to, but I didn’t get the impression of too much research and I don’t have unlimited time - please excuse the frankness.

Thanks for your help

Just remember - What seems obvious logical to you (like walking) because you may have worked with that linux logic for many years can be strange science for someone who takes his first steps

In fact - I try to care about the almost universal fact that your and all people’s time is limited by trying to make questions that you could just answering yes or no to (You are not that kind of type ;).

It would also be a waste of time if all that you (and I) have wroted did not end up with that the problem / the question was solved / answered and that the answer was understood by me

That’s the thing: I do remember very well, it isn’t that long ago for me - and googling and even more just testing stuff brought me a long way. Again, I do not mean to criticise you.

And yes what you proposed last should just work.

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