Is it relevant who sends a send or receive request first?


First and foremost, many thanks for these synchronization applications before a great community.

I synchronize between an Android phone and Raspberry Pi. Android will be send only and Raspbian will be receive only.

For the sake of interest I would like to know if it is relevant which device/syncthing first sends a request and which receives it.

DeviceA sends a Send Only request to DeviceB or in another way DeviceB sends a Receive Only request to DeviceA.

Does the first request create a specific dependency? Does the first request get a priority when sending or receiving?

send and receive only are purely local settings. The other devices don’t know, that this one is “send only” or “receive only”.

On every index change (e.g. local file change), the device sends the new index to all other devices. Those devices then decide, what to do with that information, e.g. pull the new data from the devices which have it.

Thank you very much, this helps me to understand more about the functionality of Syncthing.

What is a index you mentioned? What is the meaning of a index information, indexing, local index and index database? I’ve read about this in the documentation but couldn’t understand it.

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