is it possible to upload only?

(refat) #1

i want some folders in my phone to upload only to desktop. i dont want to delete anything in the desktop folder if i delete something in my phone.

i tried to enable send only option in both side. but it shows out of sync.

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

There is an advanced ignore deletes option, but devices will forever look out of sync. It’s covered somewhere in the docs.

(refat) #3

i found ignoreDelete option in advance menu. this seems to remove out of sync text and work perfectly for my purpose!

(Clemens) #5

You should only set send only on the phones side. If you set it on the desktop the desktop should not receive changes made on the phone.

(Romina) #7

Hello! Could you explain in detail how did you do it? I’m a bit lost in here. Thanks!

(refat) #8

in the desktop version of syncthing, go to advanced options, then the expand the folder options and tick ignoreDelete option.

(Romina) #9

Thank you so much!