Is it possible to speed up hashing/scanning?


I need to sync (one way) couple TBs to another pc. Both locations are on USB and they are not really that fast computers. It will take over a day (minimum) to hash the files on the main node. I also made a mistake of changing settings that required restart and Syncthing did not resume the scanning (it was half way)

Is it possible to increase the speed of hashing/scanning? This is going to be a send only sync so I do not need precise sync conditions. It will just mirror , I do not see me needing secure hashing on the node, I hope it makes sense.

It does resume, it’s just that the percentage is based on what it has to do, not counting whatever has been hashed before. A restart doesn’t make the initial scan take longer, except for having to re-read the specific file it was processing when the restart happened.

But all files need to be read and hashed, there is no way around that.


Thanks, I guess I will work with what I have, still better than nothing.

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