Is it possible to reserve device id???

Good morning, Excuse for my English but i try.

I am a new user of Syncthing and like so mutch this apply.

My question is in the title: Is it possible to reserve device id?

I explain. When i want configure several computer with file “config.xml”, i create the folders and the devices but i don’t know the device “id” before run a first time Syncthing on client and if i have this information it’s very easy for me to run my configuration.

Thanks for your answers. Fred

Yes, sort of. You can run syncthing -generate somefolder. Syncthing will generate a new key pair and blank config in the folder named somefolder and print the resulting device ID. You can do this as many times as you need, puzzle together the relevant configs, then ship the files out to the other boxes.

Thanks for your answer.

But (yes i’m sorry is not finish) when i click on “show ID” see the last ID it’s normal?


When running with -generate syncthing doesn’t continue running as normal - it just creates the keys and config in the named folder and exits. If you’re checking a web interface, you are probably talking to your “usual” syncthing and not something from the generated folder.

Thanks a lot.

And if i copy the config.xml, cert.pem and key.pem it’s ok for all.

This is very good apply thanks a lot for your reponse. Fred