Is it correct that .stignore inside a subfolder is not applied?

The Ignoring Files — Syncthing documentation doc tells that “The .stignore file must be placed in the root of the synced folder.” My intention is to use it in a folder that’s also a subfolder of another synced folder (let’s call it “the big folder”): the big folder has some heavy content while the folder where I’d like to use .stignore has some smaller files that I’d like to sync with another device.

My question is: is it true that the big folder syncing will ignore .stignore inside the subfolder? (If yes, I propose to update the text in docs to “The .stignore file must be placed in the root of the synced folder (files in other localtions are not applied).”)

That is correct. We can update the documentation accordingly, if you think it’s clearer.

Feel free to click the link on the bottom of each documentation page. It will lead you to GitHub, where you can propose changes directly yourself. Any help there is much welcomed!

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Right, thanks, I just needed to be sure. A follow up PR: A doc update to be more specific on .stignore not in the root folder by YakovL · Pull Request #835 · syncthing/docs · GitHub

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