... is delta index compatible, but seems out of sync with reality

My use case:

I’ve got Syncthing on a desktop at home, and Syncthing on a Windows Surface i work on daily. It is not uncommon that a folder change will occur to one device or the other while they are not in communication. I run both with SyncTrayzor.

The problem:

When changes to a shared folder occur ‘offline’ and the two devices re-gain communication, I’m am somewhat regularly getting situations where the syncing stalls out.

Currently (and I’ve seen this previously) I’m stalled out on a specific folder for days with the last message being:

“… is delta index compatible, but seems out of sync with reality”

The only solution I’ve had for this previously has been removing and re-adding the folder, or deleting my /data directory. Neither of which I like doing, as I might as well manually sync in that case.

Is there a setting I should look at, or some easier way to resolve this? Really hoping this is user error, but I’m struggling to get a stable setup that lasts more than a couple months.

Any help appreciated, thanks for this great program!

Removing and readding a folder will cause that message. It’s otherwise harmless - it just means that the two devices need to exchange full index information because something unexpected changed, instead of just continuing where they were. It should also be self healing.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Maybe that message being that last is just a red herring, when something else is going on.

Either-way, I’m stuck waiting for a Sync of 35MiB of data for almost 8 hours. Is there a recommended piece of debugging to turn on for troubleshooting stalled transfers?

Start by looking for errors in the GUI, then in the log (Actions -> Logs). Post anything unusual or weird looking for interpretation.

I turned on all debugging and am currently seeing about 2 of these a second:


Along with less frequent (and more normal looking)

GET “/rest/system/status”: status 200, 608 bytes in 12.30 ms

GET “/rest/system/discovery”: status 200, 2 bytes in 11.54 ms

GET “/rest/system/error”: status 200, 15 bytes in 0.00 ms

GET “/rest/system/connections”: status 200, 858 bytes in 1.00 ms

That’s normal. Don’t turn on debugging. If it’s not syncing, it’s for a reason that will be visible without debugging. Look first on the receiving side.

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing anything on the receiving computer.

I do see a number of “Mod. Device” “Unknown” on the pending files.

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