is delta index compatible, but seems out of sync with reality - W32 v0.14.43)


I have folder shared only with 2 other devices which are UB64-14.05-0.14.43 in my LAN. No sync is pending

On the WinXP32-0.14.43 device, on ST start it shows this message against the 2 UB’s whether it is stop/start or simple restart. I read this is self repairing, but there seem to be a systematic issue if index needs a full tranfert isn’t it?

Yes, you’re exactly right: It will function normally but it will cause delay and lots of activity on startup.

It sounds like the issue is restricted to the XP device. Is that so and if yes, do you upgrade devices differently (automatical upgrades or apt, only stable or RCs)? Also does the issue repeat when you restart the Syncthing instance?

It should happen once only when either side has wiped its database or something similar. It should then not happen again.

Is it windows 32 specific or Any32B-OS ? Whatever, if it happens only once as a thumb of rule I can live with it.

Bye friends

No, there’s essentially nothing in Syncthing that differs between architectures/platforms (other than the possibility of running out of memory in the 32 bit variants).

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