IPv6 relaying

Dear syncthing community,

as I have a fast internet connection (400/200Mbit), I wanted to share the available bandwidth with the community by setting up a relay.

The issue, the provider faces me with, is CGNATv4. The error messages speak for themselves. pool.go:88: Failed to join https://relays.syncthing.net/endpoint: request or check error pool.go:89: Response data: getting invitation: dial tcp EXTERNAL_IP:22067: i/o timeout

-protocol=tcp6 does not seem to do the trick. As of today, all relays seem to be ipv4 only.

It would be great, if ipv6 relaying would be made possible, so people behind ipv4 NAT could participate on ipv6.

Kind regards

The hope has always been that relays are not needed for IPv6, given that there is no NAT for v6. Syncthing already makes best effort to work through outbound-only firewalls.

Agreed, don’t see how ipv6 relaying would be useful.