iOS/iPhone crowdfunding on bountysource

There’s a crowdfunding thing for an iOS port on

currently at $ 385.00.

I see someone called denim2x posted a goal of $ 800 – is this an active contributor? (OTOH I suppose they don’t have to be if it’s possible to run syncthing itself on iPhone and just do a wrapper that does iPhone-specific stuff.)

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Iphone is a sandbox system which will never allow any app to put data available to memory other apps can read like its on Android. I doubt it would work to port a wrapper to IOS easily for that info a work colleguage gave me.

Getting syncthing running on iOS similarly to how it’s done on android is “easy”, I’ve had it up and running a few times as a proof of concept. But as Catfriend1 says the problem is that almost nothing is accessible from that point onwards so it’s not very useful. Files can be synced and accessed using the Files app on the phone. But photos are off limits[1], as are contacts, media, files in other apps like lastpass, and so on.

1) We can ask for permission to access them, but need to use a special API to get at them. It’s similar to the SD card issue on Android.
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But you could use it to easily transfer photos from your computer to your phone? (I know someone using Signal’s “Note to self” for that currently on iPhone, since the fsync app is not really usable.)

We could transfer them to inside the Syncthing container so you could copy them from the Files app. But we can’t get them into the Photos app without the above mentioned API.

Photos (and many other things) are not files on iOS. They are essentially database entries that may live in the cloud. You can ask to get the data for a photo, a bunch of stuff will happen in the background, and at some point you get a callback with the data. Syncthing doesn’t deal with that out of the box.

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Btw, On Syncthing iOS port (again) 's napkin-calculation can probably be multiplied up a bit since says there are now about double as many Syncthing users =P

But that doesn’t require deep knowledge of Syncthing stuff, rather knowledge of iOS, or?

The correct solution is to write an iOS app that speaks the syncthing protocol, a la fsync.

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