iOS client: dare to beta test?

If you still need beta testers, i will be very interrested ! I have an iphone 4S on iOS 7.1.2. My email gregpouet at gmail dot com Thank you !

Hello! I want to participate. I have a 6S. Thank you!

Thanks for letting me in. Installation worked straight forward. As I understand, this App “only” allows me to access data on other syncthing devices, but not to upload from the iPhone - right? Adding a folder from the iPhone app works. I can see and access files on my other devices, for sure only when at least one device is up. There is no permanent sync, only the directory gets display. A file gets synced once I click it. Seemingly there is no background actualization. The iPhone app only shows connected when it is open.

may I? shonyvr87 at gmail dot com

iPhone 5S, thank you :slight_smile:

iPhone 6s Plus / too dot malcolm at gmail dot com

I’d like to beta test. Very interest in supporting this

jrodri14ii at gmail punto com

I’m closing this thread as the call for testing is now a year and a half old, the app is live as far as I know, and the last few requests seem unanswered. Everyone is welcome to open a new thread if this subject is revived!