iOS client: dare to beta test?

Nope. There is actually an open source implementation if anyone wants to contribute.

HEllo, I just bought the iOS App, but it does not seems to work, and can i get help on this ?

By the name I assume that it is the same issue as in twitter?

Hello, Yes same issue thanks for your support it works now !!

The issue was about connectivity, i had a firewall which blocked all incoming connection to syncthing on my mac.

Since i removed this rule everything is ok.

@vhbit if you are still looking for testers, I would be willing to help.

iPhone 6 iOS 8.4 right now.

Hi - I have a client with about 10 iPhones and would really prefer to use syncthing for syncing. Is your app available in the AppStore already for purchase - or can we beta test?

Hi Sebastian,

Yes, the app is available in the AppStore for purchase but I’d recommend to provide me at least 1-2 emails so I can open a beta access - this way you can test app before buying it as for mobile it’s a bit different from how syncthing works, i.e. it syncs file metadata and you can load files (with caching) on demand but it never fully syncs all the files to reduce traffic/battery.

Thank you Valerii. I’m actually more interested in the other direction - I’d like to use syncthing to copy photos from the iPhone (from the camera roll) to our server - and the photos to be removed from the phone when we remove them from the server. Would that scenario work with your app?

Nope, there is no functionality related to camera roll yet, but I can ping you back once something will be implemented.

Yes please. So I take it, syncthing would only have access to its own folder on an iPhone - and no other part of the filesystem?

Hi Sebastian,

I apologize - I’ve somehow missed this message and got it just now accidentally.

Yes, that’s the limitation of iOS. Right now it’s possible to open documents from syncthing in other applications, but not the opposite - i.e. it is impossible to store a document from other apps to syncthing. That limitation is work in progress and I hope to fix it soon.

@vhbit I am new on the forums and am willing to help with testing as well. I’m using iPhone 6 iOS 9.0 13A344.

Sure, feel free to send me your email either through PM or through vhbit at vhbit net

@vhbit How should I best contact you to ask questions and ask if something could be but on the TO-DO or Ideas list?

mail me. vhbit at vhbit net

+1 I would like to see this be FOSS

By the way. You could do the same as Owncloud does. App is FOSS. But is 0.99$ in the app store.

I think the audiance for Synthing is willing to give a dollar to get the app

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Hello, does the iPhone app still in development? I have iPhone 5 iOS 9.2.1 would like to take part. Thank you

If you still need beta testers, i will be very interrested ! I have an iphone 4S on iOS 7.1.2. My email gregpouet at gmail dot com Thank you !

Hello! I want to participate. I have a 6S. Thank you!

Thanks for letting me in. Installation worked straight forward. As I understand, this App “only” allows me to access data on other syncthing devices, but not to upload from the iPhone - right? Adding a folder from the iPhone app works. I can see and access files on my other devices, for sure only when at least one device is up. There is no permanent sync, only the directory gets display. A file gets synced once I click it. Seemingly there is no background actualization. The iPhone app only shows connected when it is open.