invalid subpath

Hello. After updating to version 0.14.14 in folders, I received an error: “invalid subpath.”

I’m also having it across many folders since 0.14.14… :confused:

Re-scanning it manually clears the error (until it appears again at least…). In the logs I can only see the “clear error” messages, nothing about its initial appearance.

(FYI: no symlinks are present in those folders)

OS: Win10x64 SyncTrayzor with ST 0.14.14

Exact error message?

Probably inotify?

For some reason, 0.14.14 complains on sub paths with trailing /. Without that, it works correctly without error.

IIRC in previous versions, a missing trailing / would result in no or wrong scanning.

Ah, right. The input verification is now much stricter, and the trailing slash triggers the “path is not in it’s simplest possible format” check. We should probably amend that to allow that specifically for backwards compat. In practice I don’t think the presence or absence of slash should affect the scanner either way.

Fixed now, latest dev builds linked above have this in them.

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Also, the 0.14.15 hotfix I just released.

I just updated to 0.14.15, and I still get this error, even after restarting Syncthing multiple times and manually re-scanning the folder.

Same here. I updated to 0.14.15 after seeing the error, but it still persists.

So it would be good to know what tool causes this and what it tries to tell Syncthing. As it is, we don’t know.

We should print the invalid subpath and the cause for it.

Yeah, and we’ll do that in the next release I expect. But in the meantime, if whatever it is that runs into the error printed what it did when it ran into the error, that’d be sweet too.

As it is, we’re not printing anything at all as I understand it, we’re returning an HTTP error.

Yep, it still happens in 0.14.15

For me it is a specific folder that has this error constantly (well, “manual rescan” fixes it for a while):

The folder itself has files in root dir that are synced, and one single directory (with many sub-dirs) that is ignored. Thats it.

.stignore set to include .stglobalignore. Inside .stglobalignore it ignores generic OS files, and a subfolder (/LEGACY_FILES_ST_IGNORED) (this subfolder ignore is pretty much the only thing that puts it aside from other repos, so maybe it’s the ignore that breaks stuff).

This error happens when something external (syncthing-inotify, Synctrayzor, syncthing-gtk, …) tells Syncthing to scan a subdirectory of a folder, and does it with a path that Syncthing thinks is suspicious. The actual contents of the folder shouldn’t matter, but I’m not sure as this is something that depends on the behavior of something outside of Syncthing.

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