Introducer residual nodes

After removing an introduced device from the introducer some nodes still have residual instances of the introduced device. Is there an easy way to push out the removal again from the introducer to all nodes?

No, you’ll have to remove it manually.

You can check in the raw text config who introduced the device to the others, as if they have more than one introducer, it might have been reintroduced by someone else.

When get a chance can you share how the automatic process of removing an introduced device works once an introducer removes a given node? Then can possibly pin down a commonality in the handful of nodes for which the removal didn’t take place.

No need to add anything (unless to add to the following). The answer is here:

Also relevant:

So I am not sure if something needs explaining or not based on your reply as you found the docs and the code.

Has anyone else had issues removing devices introduced by an introducer after an introducer removes a device?

Been testing on the side over last week because would like to get a better handle on what is causing this issue (maybe this is only on Windows machines started as a task without highest privilages with a Linux introducer or something like that) before filing a issue on GitHub. Personally have not had any luck ever getting an introduced device to be automatically removed. Would be interested to hear other experiences.

It’s not clear what your issue is, so I am not sure a github issue would help.

When an introducer removes a given device the removal does not occur on other nodes for which the device has been previously introduced by the same introducer that is now removing it.

Basically an introducer has not be able to remove devices in my case. Does this make more sense?

If you have more than one introducer this is expected. It is also expected if the introduction happened before the removal code was added (as we did not track who introduced what)

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Only one introducer at play. Could you expand on when the removal code was added?

0.14.11 it seems, 15th of Nov, 2016

Thanks. If anyone has any experience using an introducer to remove a device would be very interested in hearing about your experience. Still all in all small issue, if even issue at all, with Syncthing.

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