Introducer Feature & Connection Limits in huge cluster

Hello Syncthing team,

Consider a huge cluster scenario, for example 1000 nodes(v1.18.3).

One of those nodes is central, meaning it manages all nodes & folders in the cluster. All other nodes trusts him as an Introducer, meaning he will introduce nodes with common folders to connect to each other.

The problem: All nodes will have a list of 1000 devices configured, and each node will keep track of each other, using a lot more RAM/CPU than expected.

We are looking for smaller meshes, between 10 and 100 devices per mesh.

In version 1.13 we have “Connection Limits”. Would it make sense to use max connection limit to also limit the configured nodes?

Example, if max is defined (max=50), each node would have max configured devices.

Thank you, Nuno Bento

Yes, that would make sense. Precisely how you tune it thereafter is part art, part science. :slight_smile:

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