Internal Sync Jobs

Hi all,

First of all: Syncthing is the most elegant piece of software that I’ve used in a long time and I appreciate the hard work that has been put in to it. However, I think Syncthing lacks one critical feature: local / internal synchronization

By that I mean an option that allows me to automatically sync files on my own computer. Be it on the same partition, from one partition to another or from one parition to an external storage device that is connected to my computer.

I currently use a dedicated software (“PureSync”) for these internal sync jobs, but it would be great if Syncthing offered me the same option.

I know this ia a big request, but please consider it.


This is already solved by csync, unison and others.

It’s not necessarily that we couldn’t, but that the way we do sync is completely unnecessary and inefficient when you already have access to both “sides” from the same machine. It’d be like taking an elevator when you’re already on the right floor. :slight_smile:

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