instance remains disconnected

Hi, I wanted to connect a new instance to my syncthing network and have added a node but it remains Disconnected for some reason. When I expand the Remote Device, I can see the IP of the device it should get files from like: tcp:// that IP is accessible, nmap gives me: Not shown: 995 filtered ports

22/tcp   open   ssh
53/tcp   open   domain
80/tcp   open   http
443/tcp  open   https
8080/tcp closed http-proxy

but trying to telnet on port 22000 doesn’t let me connect. The node that cannot connect is a Ubuntu 18.04 VM that connects via NAT to my 192.168.1 network. Any suggestions to get this box connected too?

Sounds like the obvious thing, firewall.

Also, nmap shows most common ports, you can ask it to scan 22000 explicitly.

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Hi Audrius, I disabled ufw and have no iptables running but am getting:

22000/tcp filtered snapenetio

When probing with nmap -p 22000 I’m not sure what could be the reason…

Filtered suggests its not open. Suggest you check that its running and listening on the roght port. Wven if the firewall is not “running”, I suggest you allow connections to that port.

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