Installing/Updating Syncthing on Linux


Apologies - this is really a Linux configuration question - but I’ve not come across this particular question with any other software before…

I’ve got Syncthing installed and running on a Raspberry Pi; it’s installed in /usr/bin and seems to run quite happily under my raspberrypi user account.

However, when autoupdate runs inside Syncthing, I get this error:

upgrading: open /usr/bin/syncthing41733631: read-only file system

I presume this is because it’s installed in a root-only-writable location - but what would be the accepted user-writable location to put the executable?

Of course, if I’m completely barking up the wrong tree here, please let me know!


Typically, ~/bin. You can indeed not have it in /usr/bin and use auto upgrades.

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Ah great - thanks Jakob!

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